Furnaces & Heating from McGrady-Perdue Heating & Cooling

Quality Furnace and Heat Pump Installations

At McGrady-Perdue Heating and Cooling, our quality furnace installation is second to none. We install oil, gas, and electric furnaces as well as heat pumps and geothermal systems. We determine the square footage, ventilation and heat load of your home. Our comfort consultants will help you decide which brand and type of system is best for your home and family. We also include a carbon monoxide detector with every gas furnace installation, for the safety of you and your family. Call (540) 382-3922 anytime for repair or to arrange installation!


Boilers and Tankless Water Heaters from Navien and More

While McGrady-Perdue provides and services all systems, including Navien, we recommend tankless water heaters for several reasons.

Tankless water heaters:

  • provide hot water for any size home
  • only take up a fraction of the space as a tank
  • can be placed almost anywhere, including the outside of a house
  • are about half the cost of standard tank water heaters
  • provide hot water immediately, as there is no need to wait to reheat water
  • offer cleaner water, since water does not need to sit in a potentially dirty tank
  • last longer than tank water heaters


Call McGrady-Perdue Heating & Cooling for Repairs Year-Round

Homes need heat and hot water all year long, so call in the professionals at McGrady-Perdue Heating & Cooling for all your furnace and water heater repair needs. We have service and repair crews that can resolve on-going problems and can install a new unit when needed. McGrady-Perdue is a trusted name throughout the New River Valley region, so you and your family can count on us year-round for quality heating services.

Have an area that needs a little more heating or cooling? Or add a sunroom or finish an area in your basement? Or even have a home that makes ductwork difficult to install? Consider a ductless system to heat and cool your home. We carry Daikin and Gree brands of ductless units. These units come with one outdoor compressor unit and can carry multiple heads (units) inside that hang on the wall or install into the ceiling to control the temperature in each room or area needed. These systems are efficient, quiet and offer a great retrofit solution to your home or business.

Heating Installation, Repairs, & More in These New River Valley Areas

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